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Online Ordering System For Restaurants & Local Retail by Orderable

Online Ordering System For Restaurants & Local Retail by Orderable


Complete online ordering system with local pickup / delivery in a beautiful interface.

The Easiest Way to Take Restaurant Orders With WordPress

Own your restaurant sales with Orderable, the WordPress plugin designed to help restaurants take orders online – with no added fees!

Orderable takes care of pretty much everything. So all you have to do is add the items you want to sell, process orders, and deliver them (or offer pickup). It even installs WooCommerce for you.

Orderable is the perfect ordering app alternative because it’s built on the world’s most open platform, WordPress.

100% Beginner Friendly

Not a tech person? No problem. You don’t have to have any coding skills to use Orderable. You’ll be able to create your online ordering system in minutes using Orderable and WordPress.

Orderable is perfect for:

  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Cafes
  • Local Florists
  • Farmers Markets
  • Local Hardware Stores
  • Local Drug Stores

Why Orderable Is a Smart Choice

Ordering Apps Are Expensive – Most online ordering apps either take 30% – 40% of each order or carry a hefty monthly fee of $99 per month and up! With Orderable you can unleash the power of online ordering for free.

WordPress Options Are Fractured – Sadly, before Orderable, to add local online ordering to WordPress you would have to purchase and piece tougher 7 – 10 different products that were not made to work together. Combined this would cost $700 – $1,000 per year. Orderable, however, does it as an all-in-one plugin.

Online Ordering Services Are Closed – Perhaps the worst part of using other online ordering services is they are based on a closed platform that limits you in every way. Orderable uses WordPress and WooCommerce which means you’re free to customize your website, to suit your business.

Orderable’s Game-changing (Free) Features

The core Orderable plugin is 100% free. With this you can start taking online orders in a matter of minutes. But that’s not all, here are the features that make Orderable the smart choice for your restaurant.

Zero Fees
Say goodbye to giving 30% – 40% of each transaction to 3rd-party apps and websites. Say hello to keeping all of your hard-earned revenue.

Mobile-First Design
Orderable looks great on any device, so your site and menu are always easy to use no matter which size screen your customer uses to order.

Easy Ordering
Give your customers a smooth ordering process with our app-like one-page design.

Order/Menu Layouts
Our flexible layouts let you create great-looking menus fast, so you can get your restaurant up in minutes. No coding required!

Holiday Scheduling
Easily create one-off or recurring holiday schedules for your business to make sure orders only come in when you’re there.

Full Checkout Control
Set your own fees for delivery and include the payment methods you choose to complete the process (because Orderable uses WooCommerce).

Order Management
Be instantly notified when new orders come in and easily change the order statuses as you start processing.

Take It a Step Further With Orderable Pro

The premium version of Orderable provides you with a whole host of revenue-boosting and scheduling features. If you’re looking to take online ordering up a notch, Orderable Pro is for you.

Here are all the additional features you get with Orderable Pro:

Unlock the power of scalability with Orderable’s Multi-Location feature. Seamlessly manage multiple pickup and delivery locations, catering to a wider customer base and streamlining your operations like never before.

Product Add-ons
Allow customers to add toppings, make a dish vegan, or add a side with product add-ons. Include additional fees or add images to help customers make a decision.

Revenue-boosting Order Bumps
Suggest additional menu items, sides, or sauces as a customer adds items to their cart to increase your average order value.

Time Slots
Take control of your schedule and set when you’re able to deliver or accept orders for pickup. Customers can then select when they would like their order based on your schedule.

Checkout Tipping
Add optional tip prompts to your checkout to boost your revenue.

Join the Orderable Inner Circle

Join our facebook group community: Learn the tactics and techniques that other Orderable users are doing to grow their businesses. Also, get exciting insider information on upcoming feature releases.


  • Orderable Demo Landing Page
  • Burger Product Addons
  • Ice Cream Product Addons
  • General Orderable settings
  • Tip settings


  1. Upload the Orderable zip via the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress, or upload the Orderable folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the Orderable plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Does Orderable charge a percentage of each order?

One of the benefits of using Orderable is you are not charged additional fees on each transaction, unlike other ordering systems.

Will Orderable work with my page builder?

Orderable will work with all page builders. You simply create your ordering layout and use the provided shortcode in your page builder. Orderable also provides a native Gutenberg Block.

Can I install Orderable on my client’s websites?

Yes, you certainly can, however, your client won’t have direct access to our support. All support requests would need to come from you as the license purchaser.

What is required to use Orderable?

Orderable integrates with WordPress and uses WooCommerce for the checkout. So you will need a hosting account with WordPress and WooCommerce installed.

What payment gateways does Orderable support?

This is where Orderable is a solution for everyone. Any payment gateway for WooCommerce will work with Orderable.

Does Orderable work with WIX or SquareSpace?

Orderable only works with WordPress right now.

Do you have a public roadmap so I can see what you are planning?

You can access our roadmap and feature request board via the account area after purchasing Pro. We don’t currently have a public-facing roadmap.

Will Orderable work with my theme?

Great question. While we haven’t tested every WordPress theme, Orderable was designed to work with all themes. If you do run into any issues with your theme, our support will be happy to get it resolved for you.

Is there a Pro version of Orderable?

Glad you asked! Orderable Pro is an optional add-on to Orderable that adds additional revenue increasing features.


18 Jolay 2024 1 reply
Easy Setup Installing and setting up the plugin was quick and easy. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Flexible Delivery Options I can customize delivery times, zones, and fees, giving my customers more options and improving my service. Great Customer Support The support team is responsive and helpful. They’ve been great whenever I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend it!
04 Jolay 2024
I used the plugin to build an online store for a catering business. The plugin is very user-friendly and offers many features. Moreover, the support is excellent: questions are always answered quickly and accurately. Additionally, they take action on any suggestions for improvement you provide, so they really do everything to help you. Highly recommended!
20 May 2024
Yes, it needs a whole lot more detail but for a small business, the system really works well at a very affordable cost, You cant even think of recreating it for cheaper. Looking forward to the roadmap of developments
02 May 2024
As a web designing company we deal with many plugins on a daily basis. Orderable stands out in its comprehensive features, clean customer facing screens that are modern looking and not outdated. Support is far beyond any company I have dealt with in their timeliness and willingness to really help you solve the problem. A shout out to Kenneth who logged into the website to dig into the matter and provided the proper solution.
02 Febroary 2024 1 reply
Very easy to set up and use. The support has been great, they answer all my questions promptly and go out of their way to help me figure out solutions.
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v1.14.0 (12 Jun 2024)
[new] Order Reminders
[new] Developer filter orderable_services_filter_options
[update] Add Live Order View assets to be processed by gulp
[update] Notification unmuted by default on the Live Order View
[fix] Open Hours and Open Days cache
[fix] Retina product image in the product layout
[fix] Side drawer render for block-based themes

v1.13.0 (11 Apr 2024)
[new] Service date field compatibility with WooCommerce Checkout block
[fix] RTL issues in the side drawer

v1.12.2 (14 Mar 2024)
[fix] Missing orderable_get_products_by_category hook in get_products_by_category function

v1.12.1 (12 Feb 2024)
[fix] Holidays cache issue

v1.12.0 (08 Feb 2024)
[fix] Incorrect postcode not showing the message No locations found offering delivery or pickup
[fix] Order date validation on the checkout process

v1.11.0 (29 Jan 2024)
[new] Simple products can now be added to the cart without triggering the side drawer
[new] WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin integration
[new] WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin integration
[fix] orderable_layouts post type parameters
[fix] Setting the product category visibility to default

v1.10.1 (15 Nov 2023)
[update] Remove Google Fonts
[fix] Remove view cart link after adding a product to the cart
[fix] Holidays being removed when updating a location
[fix] Text domain for the string From

v1.10.0 (20 Sep 2023)
[new] Open hours block
[new] Compatibility with TikTok plugin
[fix] Date delivery offering “Tomorrow” when “Week Days Only” method is selected and the lead time is greater or equal than two
[fix] Call to undefined function wc_get_page_screen_id

v1.9.0 (25 Jul 2023)
[new] Compatibility with High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)

v1.8.4 (20 Jul 2023)
[fix] Location data not getting updated when cache is activated
[fix] Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees

v1.8.3 (04 Jul 2023)
[new] Filter orderable_location_get_lead_time
[fix] Missing jQuery UI images

v1.8.2 (23 May 2023)
[fix] Time-slots not appearing when the site’s language is not English

v1.8.1 (17 May 2023)
[new] Filter orderable_location_max_index_date
[fix] Update the required Pro version to 1.8.0
[fix] Ensure time slots still work if Pro isn’t updated
[fix] Preorder Days field default value
[fix] Allow checkout when services disabled

v1.8.0 (15 May 2023)
[new] Multi-location functionality
[new] Filter orderable_settings
[fix] Tab filter in the product layouts when the category slug is an invalid selector
[fix] Add French language files
[fix] Live order “bell” sound no longer repeats endlessly

v1.7.2 (04 Jan 2023)
[fix] Ask for review notice
[fix] Default option in the Orderable: Product Layout block

v1.7.1 (16 Nov 2022)
[fix] Missing strings in the POT file.

v1.7.0 (16 Nov 2022)
[new] Actions: orderable_after_layout_settings_fields, orderable_before_product_card, orderable_before_product_actions, orderable_before_product_title and orderable_before_product_description
[fix] PHP Warning in Live Order View

v1.6.1 (07 Oct 2022)
[fix] Missing jquery-ui.css file

v1.6.0 (23 Sep 2022)
[update] Add filter to update hero image size orderable_product_hero_image_size
[fix] Order details internationalization
[fix] Product short description formatting in the Product Layout
[fix] Arrow button disappearing without hitting the end of horizontal scroll
[fix] Fatal error in Live order view when user role is null
[fix] Validation issue with multi-line text field
[fix] Missing addon value selection on editing product in the cart
[fix] Add Spanish language files

v1.5.0 (3 Aug 2022)
[new] Add Delivery Days calculation method setting
[new] Add new filters for service types
[update] Allow templates files to be overridden by theme/child theme
[update] Add Spanish language files
[fix] Don’t redirect to settings if Woo inactive
[fix] PHP error in mini-cart.php

v1.4.0 (20 Jun 2022)
[new] Edit product after adding to the cart
[new] Add shortcode [orderable_add_to_cart]
[new] Option to open quickview when card is clicked
[new] Allow users to manually change quantity in the side drawer
[new] Added filter to allow admin to override the live view audio notification file:orderable_live_view_new_order_audio_file_url
[new] New filters added for service types
[update] Ability to remove/clear any repeatable settings row
[update] Add translation for date range picker element in Live Order View
[update] Show error on quantity change if the requested quantity is more than available quantity
[update] Only modify mini cart in Orderable sidebar
[update] Optimized tabbed layout navigation on mobile
[update] Remove hidden categories/products from sitemap
[update] Add media import helper
[fix] Out of stock visibility in Product Layout
[fix] Allow order_manager users to place new orders
[fix] Increase/decrease quantity on mini cart when “Ajax add to cart” is disabled
[fix] Make Weekdays and ‘Filter by due date’ translatable
[fix] Multiple requests on changing the quantity of a product on mini cart
[fix] Translation issues in the backend
[fix] Clicking on Order status count closes the live order view
[fix] Issue where order page filter won’t work for same start and end date

v1.3.0 (13 Apr 2022)
[new] Option to open quickview when card is clicked
[new] Allow users to manually change quantity in the side cart
[new] Ability to remove/clear any repeatable settings row
[new] Quick view settings under Orderable > Settings > Side Drawer
[new] Product information accordion added to quick view
[update] Renamed “Layout Builder” menu item to “Product Layouts”
[update] Updated brand colour in admin area
[update] Remove hidden categories/products from sitemap
[update] Optimized tabbed layout navigation on mobile
[update] Only modify mini cart in Orderable sidebar
[update] Show error on quantity change if the requested quantity is more than available quantity
[update] Add translation for date range picker element in Live Order View
[fix] Make Weekdays and ‘Filter by due date’ translatable
[fix] Increase/decrease quantity on mini cart when “Ajax add to cart” is disabled
[fix] Out of stock visibility in Product Layout
[fix] Allow order_manager users to place new orders

v1.2.0 (26 Jan 2022)
[new] Getting started videos in the settings dashboard
[update] Add Today/Tomorrow date options
[update] Complete opt-in step during onboarding
[update] Move ASAP slot setting to Pro
[update] Add placeholder settings when Pro is not active
[fix] Issue where logo upload button won’t work
[fix] Ensure Orderable does not run when Woo is not active
[fix] Fix issue where multiple “ASAP” options appear in the dropdown
[fix] Checkout timeout issue when no service days are selected
[fix] Repeat holidays not working if current holiday still active

v1.1.1 (9 Dec 2021)
[new] More guidance after initial install
[update] Generate POT file
[update] Style empty cart message
[fix] Fix onboarding steps
[fix] Issue where no dates were available after current day cutoff

v1.1.0 (30 Nov 2021)
[new] Add new global “lead time” field for delivery/pickup dates
[update] Preorder days will now skip days the store is closed during calculations
[update] Change drawer close icon and add swipe to close
[update] Add help links to settings page
[update] Refine and simplify mobile styles
[update] Short description filter
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Update POT file
[fix] issue where activating any other plugin would redirect to Orderable settings page
[fix] Issue with product addon/variation validation
[fix] Fix JS not updating tray button
[fix] Fix layout builder warnings

v1.0.0 (8 Nov 2021)
[new] Replacement Checkout Screen (Pro Checkout Module)
[new] Added styling for ‘text’ field (Pro Addons Module)
[update] Add screenshots
[update] Redirect on install
[update] More CSS Classes
[update] Update Dependencies
[fix] Better support for RTL languages
[fix] Error when activating Orderable
[fix] Issue with dropdown when ASAP not set
[fix] Tip text overflowing container
[fix] Live preview area not updating
[fix] Country field not populated when onboarding
[fix] Opening hours not saved correctly during setup
[fix] Draft products showing in product view

v0.2.0 (24 Sep 2021)
[new] ASAP delivery slots
[fix] Don’t disable order button if shipping is not required
[fix] Make sure plus/minus show correctly in cart
[fix] Rendering duplicate groups if parent and child categories are selected
[fix] Translations not rendering
[fix] Multisite compatibility
[fix] Issue with product and product category sorting
[fix] Tab selection compatibility

v0.1.5 (30 Jul 2021)
[new] Add layout option to make whole product card clickable
[update] Change menu position to ’54’ so WCFM doesn’t overwrite it
[update] Update NL translation files
[fix] Ensure holiday timestamps are in the correct timezone
[fix] Ensure product options are removed after adding to cart to prevent conflicts

v0.1.4 (5 Jul 2021)
[new] Position mini cart icon under “Style” settings
[new] Adjust cart quantity in the mini cart
[new] Added product title and price size settings
[update] Add POT file
[update] Disable checkout and show message when no slots available
[update] Added NL language files (thanks to Ivan It)
[fix] Time slots showing in admin when “All Day” selected
[fix] Fix datepicker for newly added holiday rows in settings

v0.1.3 (16 Jun 2021)
[update] Delete transients when new version is installed
[fix] Typo in settings link

v0.1.2 (16 Jun 2021)
[update] Sanitize output in admin
[update] Convert module loader to strict paths
[update] Update onboarding script for modern jQuery
[update] Include external assets locally
[fix] Fix category visibility sanitization
[fix] Ensure sub-categories follow menu order

v0.1.1 (10 Jun 2021)
[fix] Fix category headings
[fix] Fix price/button spacing in grid layout
[fix] Populate Woo fields after installing during onboarding

v0.1.0 (10 Jun 2021)
Soft Release